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Airport Police Dog Crime Chase


The crime rate at the local airport is increasing day by day and now the airport security is in your hands!The airport police now has a new alley to help them control the crime rate at the airport. The airport faces imminent threat and you have been trained enough to play the role of an airport dog. Catch the criminals, lower the crime rate and flaunt your k-9 skills.
Your task might seem easy, you will have to check people arriving at the airport and stop any illegal arriving at the airport and stop any illegal activity but the true challenge will be to catch the criminals as they will try to run away.
For all those who have enjoyed playing dog simulator games. Then Airport Police Dog Crime Chase will surely entertain you for several hours. Sniff, chase and catch the criminals at the airport making their survival difficult by eliminating any threat of illegal activity. So learn to rely on you basic instincts because your instincts are always right.
With Airport Police Dog Crime Chase get into the criminal chase ad bring the crime rate down. A dog is man’s best friend, so be one by protecting the airport and making it safe for the passengers to travel.
Features of Airport Police Dog Criminals:
• Epic crime chase adventure of police dog• Police Dogs to choose from• Amazing airport police dog challenges• Smooth and easy police dog controls• Works offline :)